Cleante was a city on the Federation colony world of New Paris.

It was a port city and a twin to Candide. Both exported agricultural produce and manufactured goods and had a population over one million circa 2270. (ST reference: Star Trek Maps)

The Imprimerie de Sorbonne Neue was located in Cleante, and printed E. D. Fitzgerald's Spacing to Byzantium: Travels in the Orion Colonies in reference stardate 1/8201. (FASA RPG module: The Orions: Book of Common Knowledge)

"Cleante" is spelled "Cleanth" in The Orions, likely in error. "Imprimerie de Sorbonne Neue" is French for the "Printing Works of New Sorbonne", though "Neue" is actually German. Cleante/Cleanth may be a French/German-speaking settlement, and the printing works implies a "New Sorbonne", perhaps a university, named after the Sorbonne.

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