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A cocktail party was a type of gathering or social event which usually centered around the serving of cocktails or other beverages.

In late 2265, a woman that Leonard McCoy had previously involved with sent him a message, inviting him to accompany her to a cocktail party on Alcatraz. As the two weren't an item any more, and because he hated cocktail parties, he sent her a declining message. (TOS - My Brother's Keeper novel: Constitution)

Doctor Thomas Leighton and his wife Martha hosted a cocktail party at their home on Planet Q for the Karidian Company of Players in late 2266, in an effort to gain information about Anton Karidian, whom Thomas believed was Kodos the Executioner. (TOS episode & novelization: The Conscience of the King)

Admiral Arlen McAteer hosted a cocktail party for all the command officers in his sector on Starbase 32 in 2333. (STA novel: Gauntlet)

In 2369, the Wadi held a cocktail party in the third shap of their Chula game aboard Deep Space 9. (DS9 episode: "Move Along Home")

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