Comilius was a Romulan who lived in an unspecified time in his species past where he had reached the position of Praetor. At the time, he had suffered several serious defeats at the hands of his enemies leading to him withdrawing to his capital city in order to hold out against the siege of his settlement that lasted for six years. He was not idle during this time as he managed to negotiate a truce with one of his enemies and with this alliance he managed to storm his foes by breaking the siege. He was ultimately successful in defeating his remaining enemies by conquest and brought peace to his people that lasted for a century.

His deeds made him famous in the history of the Romulan Star Empire and details of his actions were listed in the Eridam Papers. The P-12 Comilius class II cutter was named after him. (FASA RPG module: Romulan Ship Recognition Manual)

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