After the theft of a number of components from Voyager, Captain Janeway undertakes a mission to retrieve them, along with the Leonardo da Vinci hologram who believes he has discovered a brave new world in the Delta Quadrant.


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ChakotayThe DoctorLeonardo da VinciKathryn JanewayHarry KimNeelixTom ParisSeven of NineTauB'Elanna TorresTuvokunnamed Tau's species
Referenced only 
AristotleSigmund FreudJames T. KirkPetrarchTheseusGiorgio Vasari

Starships and vehiclesEdit

carriageDa Vinci's gliderUSS Voyager
Referenced only 


astrometricsbistrobridgecargo bayengineeringFlorenceunnamed planets
Referenced only 
Alpha QuadrantAmericaArnoAtlantic OceanAvignonEarthEuropeFranceGenoaItalyMilanMont VentouxNew WorldParisScandinaviaSicilyVulcan

Races and culturesEdit

Human (ItalianPortugueseSpanishTurkish) • Tau's speciesunnamed races and culturesVulcan

States and organizationsEdit


Other referencesEdit

Adoration of the MagiThe Battle of Anghiaribirdbronzecombadgecommandercompasscompression phaser riflecomputercomputer coreconduitcontinentdeep space imaging systemduraniumelmemergency rationensignexecutionholodeckhologramhorseinduction relay overrideItalian languageKing of FranceKlingoneselieutenant commanderlieutenant, junior gradelogicmapmathematicsmobile emitterofficeroptical interfaceparsecpatronphaserPhoenixphoton torpedopigeonpirateplanetplasma injectorred alertRenaissancesensorsite-to-site transportsmall talksparrowtargeting sensortransportertricorderuniformwarp coilwarp diagnostic assemblywarshipwine


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