The Consensus Party was one of the two major political parties that dominated the Witenagemot of Kropasar.

The Consensus Party was characterized by its opponents as being less tolerant: "They place stricter qualifications on freedom of speech, open less of their policies to public review, and tend to favor members of certain ethnic groups. It is just on the edge of what the Federation considers acceptable in a member government."

In 2372, it obtained a majority in the general election, lead by Forecic, who became the new high cyning. When the Kropaslin government obtained a Breen frigate in 2375, Forecic and her party elected to hide this fact from the Federation to maximize their potential for profit, despite the fact that the Federation was involved in war with the Breen.

To obtain the frigate, the Federation resumed its stalled membership negotiations with the Kropaslin, but when they obtained the frigate through clandestine means, Kropasar's bid for Federation membership was rejected, and the loss of faith in the Consensus Party caused it to lose its majority in the Witenagemot, but internal conflict prevented the Agreement Party from effectively taking its place. (SCE eBook: The Future Begins)

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