Corazame was a young female Tzenkethi from Ab-Tzenketh who had the societal designation Ret Ata-E.


In the early-2380s, Corazame Ret Ata-E worked in Maintenance Unit 17 at the Department of the Outside.

In 2383, Corazame befriended Mayazan Ret Ata-E, the assumed Tzenkethi identity of Neta Efheny of the Cardassian Intelligence Bureau. After Efheny killed Hertome Ter Ata-C (the Starfleet Intelligence operative Alex Gardner), Efheny allowed Corazame to be rescued by the USS Aventine in her place. Corazame provided Hogue Nekelen of the Cardassian Intelligence Bureau with Efheny's gathered intelligence and she herself was looked after by Peter Alden. Alden noted to Ezri Dax that Corazame was shocked by what had happened, as she had not known about the existence of alien life. (ST - Typhon Pact novel: Brinkmanship)

Unknowingly, Corazame was groomed by Alden to work for Starfleet Intelligence with the ultimate goal of returning her to Ab-Tzenketh as an undercover agent. Despite his plans for her, Alden befriended Corazame and cared very much for her, even going as far as calling her Cory. She in turn called him Peteh.

Corazame visited Deep Space 9 in November 2385 with Alden as he intended them to board the civilian science vessel, Athene Donald, to gather intelligence about the only other Tzenkethi aboard, Metiger Ter Yai-A. However, Corazame let Alden board alone as she didn't want to go. Instead, she befriended Odo who was on the station at the time, and the People of the Open Sky who had just arrived, and was hidden by them when the station's security chief, Jefferson Blackmer, searched for her. Because of this subterfuge, she became a suspect in a theft and murder, and was held in the stockade complex for a time. She was released when the evidence cleared her of any wrongdoing.

Alden contacted Corazame aboard DS9, and she told him he should leave Starfleet Intelligence as he wasn't happy working for them and was more of a slave than she was in her previous life on Ab-Tzenketh. He released her of any obligation she may have felt to him, and she joined the People of the Open Sky when they left DS9. (DS9 novel: The Missing)

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