Orion Corsair fighter

Ship image.

For other uses, see Corsair class.

The Corsair class was a type of fighter design used by the Orions.

Their primary armament consisted of a K-Meson Beam with a K-Meson Bolt and a Kaon torpedo serving as its secondary weapons. (TOS video game: Shattered Universe)


Starship classes of the Orions
By name Brigand (cruiser)Corsair (flight-deck cruiser)DacoitDwarfstarHarmonyLightningMaraarMarauderSlavemasterSugaWandererWarbarge OrionEmblem-color
By type Orion corvetteOrion interceptorOrion marauderOrion pirate shipOrion raiderOrion scout shipOrion slaver
Mirror universe Brigand (mirror)Corsair (fighter)

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