Cramps (also known as abdominal distension) are painful sensations caused by contraction of various parts of a humanoid body's abdomen.

In 1986, Doctor Leonard McCoy, Doctor Gillian Taylor, and Admiral James T. Kirk infiltrated Mercy Hospital where a seriously injured Pavel Chekov was awaiting surgery. To get into the secured area where Chekov was being held, Kirk and McCoy had Taylor lay on a gurney, with the two men were pretending to take her to surgery. When stopped by a security guard, McCoy angrily demanded if the guards wanted an acute case on their hands. He then explained that Dr. Taylor had, "...immediate post-parandial, upper-abdominal distention.". The guards let them pass. Once in the surgical suite, Kirk asked McCoy what he said Taylor had, McCoy replied, "cramps." (TOS movie, novelization & comic adaptation: The Voyage Home)

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