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Cregger Lor Mowlanish Dor Crixa Tel

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Cregger Lor Mowlanish Dor Crixa Tel was a male Human who lived on an Earth colony that had lost contact with the United Federation of Planets before the Dominion War. He was nicknamed "Tex" by Miles O'Brien, as he reminded him of a Texas Ranger, as well as John Wayne.

At the start of the war, Tex's planet was invaded by the Dominion who constructed a sensor array there. Tex joined the resistance movement to fight against the Jem'Hadar, who had imprisoned their family members and friends. Tex later helped O'Brien to destroy the sensor array. Tex and O'Brien were later rescued by the USS Defiant, where Jadzia Dax had Julian Bashir assign Tex to the security team. (DS9 - The Dominion War novelization: ...Sacrifice of Angels)

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