For the primary universe counterpart, see Crell Moset.

In the mirror universe, Crell Moset was a Cardassian exobiologist in the service of the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance during the 24th century. He was very wealthy and owned a number of starships, most of which he kept at his home on Chin'toka II.

In 2371, he was regarded as one of the top minds in the Alliance, and he worked at Monor Base. He feared the facility supervisor, B'Elanna of Ardana, although he was more or less "untouchable" due to his importance to the Alliance. When the base was destroyed by the Terran Rebellion, Moset and B'Elanna escaped in Moset's ship, dumping the entire memory core of Monor Base's computer to the vessel. Afterwards, he reviewed information left behind by his late colleague, Lewis Zimmerman, and began a project to genetically engineer telepaths. (VOY novella: The Mirror-Scaled Serpent)

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