Cross Cult is a German publisher, which, since 2008, has published German translations of Star Trek novels originally produced by Pocket Books, and comics from IDW Publishing. Many of Cross Cult's editions of the books feature new cover artwork, and their comics are typically released in both paperback and hardcover editions. Cross Cult translations have also been used by to produce German audiobooks of several Star Trek books.

Starting in April 2011 Cross Cult will also publish eBook versions of their releases, starting with the first books of the TNG relaunch, the Star Trek: Destiny trilogy and Enterprise. [1][2]


Cross Cult's prose releases have so far been restricted to a handful of novel series; Vanguard, Titan, the DS9 and TNG relaunches, and Star Trek: Destiny.

In April 2010 it was announced that three additional series would be added to the Cross Cult program in 2011: New Frontier, Enterprise and The Original Series.[3]

In November 2010 the Typhon Pact miniseries was announced for a German release in 2012[4].

Series: Title
(English title)
Writer(s) German publication date
(English publication date)
Vanguard #1:
Der Vorbote
David Mack February 2008
(August 2005)
Harbinger - German cover
Mike Hillenbrand
Vanguard #2:
Rufe den Donner
(Summon the Thunder)
Dayton Ward & Kevin Dilmore April 2008
(June 2006)
Summon the Thunder - German Cover
Claudia Kern
Vanguard #3:
Ernte den Sturm
(Reap the Whirlwind)
David Mack June 2008
(June 2007)
Reap the Whirlwind - German cover
Markus Rohde
Titan #1:
Eine neue Ära
(Taking Wing)
Michael A. Martin & Andy Mangels November 2008
(April 2005)
Taking Wing - German cover
Stephanie Pannen
Titan #2:
Der Rote König
(The Red King)
Michael A. Martin & Andy Mangels March 2009
(October 2005)
Red King - German cover
Stephanie Pannen
Titan #3:
Die Hunde des Orion
(Orion's Hounds)
Christopher L. Bennett May 2009
(March 2006)
Orion's Hounds - German cover
Stephanie Pannen
Star Trek
(Star Trek)
Alan Dean Foster May 2009
(May 2009)
StarTrek (2009) novelization - German cover
Susanne Döpke
Vanguard #4:
Offene Geheimnisse
(Open Secrets)
Dayton Ward June 2009
(May 2009)
Open Secrets - German cover
Christian Humberg
Titan #4:
Schwert des Damokles
(Sword of Damocles)
Geoffrey Thorne August 2009
(November 2007)
Sword of Damocles - German cover
Stephanie Pannen
TNG #1:
Tod im Winter
(Death in Winter)
Michael Jan Friedman September 2009
(September 2005)
German Death in Winter
Stephanie Pannen
DS9 #1:
Offenbarung, Buch I
(Avatar, Book 1)
S.D. Perry October 2009
(May 2001)
Avatar, Book One - German cover
Christian Humberg
TNG #2:
Michael Jan Friedman November 2009
(September 2007)
Resistance - German cover
Bernd Perplies
DS9 #2:
Offenbarung, Buch II
(Avatar, Book 2)
S.D. Perry December 2009
(May 2001)
Avatar, Book Two - German cover
Christian Humberg
TNG #3:
(Q & A)
Keith R.A. DeCandido January 2010
(October 2007)
Stephanie Pannen
Vanguard #5:
Vor dem Fall
David Mack February 2010
(December 2009)
Precipice - German cover
Stephanie Pannen
TNG #4:
(Before Dishonor)
Peter David March 2010
(November 2007)
Bernd Perplies
DS9 #3:
Sektion 31: Der Abgrund
(Section 31: Abyss)
Jeffrey Lang & David Weddle April 2010
(July 2001)
German Abyss
Christian Humberg
TNG #5:
Mehr als die Summe
(Greater Than the Sum)
Christopher L. Bennett May 2010
(August 2008)
Mehr als die Summe
Bernd Perplies
Destiny #1:
Götter der Nacht
(Gods of Night)
David Mack June 2010
(September 2008)
Gods of Night - German cover (final)
Stephanie Pannen
Die Gesetze der Föderation
(Articles of the Federation)
Keith R.A. DeCandido June 2010
(June 2005)
Articles of the Federation - German Cover
Anika Klüver
Destiny #2:
Gewöhnliche Sterbliche
(Mere Mortals)
David Mack July 2010
(October 2008)
Gewohnliche Sterbliche
Stephanie Pannen
DS9 #4:
Portale - Dämonen der Luft und der Finsternis
(Demons of Air and Darkness)
Keith R.A. DeCandido October 2010
(September 2001)
Demons of Air and Darkness - German cover
Christian Humberg
Destiny #3:
Verlorene Seelen
(Lost Souls)
David Mack October 2010
(November 2008)
Lost Souls German cover
Stephanie Pannen

(A Singular Destiny)
Keith R.A. DeCandido October 2010
(February 2009)
A Singular Destiny - German cover
Anika Klüver
DS9 #5:
Mission Gamma I: Zwielicht
(Mission Gamma I: Twilight)
David R. George III November 2010
(September 2002)
Twilight - German cover
Christian Humberg
Titan #5:
Stürmische See
(Over a Torrent Sea)
Christopher L. Bennett December 2010
(March 2009)
Over a Torrent Sea - German cover
Stephanie Pannen
Ein Stich zur rechten Zeit
(A Stitch in Time)
Andrew J. Robinson December 2010
(May 2000)
A Stitch in Time - German Cover
Anika Klüver
New Frontier #1:
(House of Cards & Into the Void)
Peter David January 2011
(July 1997)
Kartenhaus cover (German)
Bernhard Kempen
New Frontier #2:
(The Two-Front War & End Game)
Peter David January 2011
(August 1997)
Zweifrontenkrieg cover (german)
Bernhard Kempen
New Frontier #3:
Peter David January 2011
(March 1998)
Martyr - German cover (Cross Cult)
Bernhard Kempen
DS9 #6:
Mission Gamma II: Dieser graue Geist
(Mission Gamma II: This Gray Spirit)
Heather Jarman February 2011
(September 2002)
This Gray Spirit German cover
Christian Humberg
TNG #6:
Den Frieden verlieren
(Losing the Peace)
William Leisner March 2011
(July 2009)
Losing the Peace - German cover
Bernd Perplies
Enterprise #1:
Das Höchste Maß an Hingabe
(Last Full Measure)
Andy Mangels & Michael A. Martin April 2011
(April 2006)
Das Höchste Maß an Hingabe cover
Bernd Perplies
New Frontier #4:
Die Waffe
(Fire on High)
Peter DavidMay 2011
(April 1998)
Die Waffe cover
Bernhard Kempen
DS9 #7:
Mission Gamma III:Kathedrale
(Mission Gamma III: Cathedral)
Andy Mangels & Michael A. Martin May 2011
(October 2002)
Kathedrale cover
Christian Humberg
Titan #6:
James SwallowJune 2011
(October 2009)
Synthese cover
Stephanie Pannen
Vanguard #6:
David Mack, Dayton Ward, Kevin Dilmore & Marco PalmieriJune 2011
(June 2011)
Enthüllungen cover
Anika Klüver, Christian Humberg, Stephanie Pannen & Susanne Picard
New Frontier:
The Captain's Table: Gebranntes Kind
(Once Burned)
Peter DavidJuly 2011
(Ocotber 1998)
Gebranntes Kind cover
TOS #1:
Feuertaufe: Mc Coy - Die Herkunft der Schatten
(Crucible: McCoy: Provenance of Shadows)
David R. George IIIAugust 2011
(September 2006)
Die Herkunft der Schatten cover
Anika Klüver
DS9 #8:
Mission Gamma IV:Das kleinere Übel
(Mission Gamma IV: Lesser Evil)
Robert Simpson August 2011
(November 2002)
Das kleinere Übel
Christian Humberg
TOS #2:
Feuertaufe: Spock - Das Feuer und die Rose
(Crucible: Spock: The Fire and the Rose)
David R. George IIISeptember 2011
(December 2006)
Vanguard #7:
Das jüngste Gericht
(What Judgments Come)
Dayton Ward & Kevin DilmoreOctober 2011
(October 2011)
Enterprise #2:
Was Menschen Gutes tun
(The Good That Men Do)
Andy Mangels & Michael A. Martin October 2011
(February 2007)
TOS #3:
Feuertaufe: Kirk - Der Leitstern des Verirrten
(Crucible: Kirk: The Star to every Wandering)
David R. George IIINovember 2011
(March 2007)
DS9 #9:
So der Sohn
(Rising Son)
S.D. Perry January 2012
(January 2003)
DS9 #10:
S.D. Perry April 2012
(November 2003)
Enterprise #3:
Kobayashi Maru
(Kobayashi Maru)
Andy Mangels & Michael A. Martin April 2012
(September 2008)
Starfleet Academy #1:
Die Delta-Anomalie
(The Delta Anomaly)
Rick Barba May 2012
(November 2010)
Die Delta-Anomalie cover
Stephanie Pannen
Starfleet Academy #2:
Die Grenze
(The Edge)
Rudy Josephs May 2012
(January 2011)
Die Grenze cover
Stephanie Pannen
Enterprise #4:
Der Romulanische Krieg: Unter den Schwingen des Raubvogels
(The Romulan War: Beneath the Raptor's Wing)
Michael A. Martin October 2012
(October 2009)
New Frontier #5:
Ort der Stille
(The Quiet Place)
Peter David2012
(November 1999)
Bernhard Kempen
Typhon Pact #1:
(Zero Sum Game)
David Mack 2012
(November 2010)
Typhon Pact #2:
(Seize the Fire)
Michael A. Martin 2012
(December 2010)
Typhon Pact #3:
(Rough Beasts of Empire)
David R. George III 2012
(January 2011)
Typhon Pact #4:
(Paths of Disharmony)
Dayton Ward 2012
(February 2011)
Enterprise #5:
Der Romulanische Krieg: tba
(The Romulan War: To Brave the Storm)
Michael A. Martin April 2013
(November 2011)


Cross Cult started to publish German translations of IDW's Star Trek comics in 2009, both in Soft- and hardcover format.

Because of lower than excepted sales of the comics they published after the very successful Countdown it was announced in September 2010 that there wouldn't be any more translations in those formats in the foreseeable future.[5]

In April 2011 Cross Cult announced a test release of the Star Trek trade peperback McCoy, the translation of the Leonard McCoy, Frontier Doctor mini series for August 2011. In contrast to previous releases which where published in both hard- and softcover, McCoy will only be released in a softcover format. [6]

(English title)
Writer(s) German publication date
(English publication date)
Tim Jones & Mike Johnson
Story by: Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci
April 2009
(April 2009)
Countdown - German cover (PB) Countdown - German cover (HC)
David Messina
Christian Langhagen
(Mirror Images)
Scott & David Tipton September 2009
(February 2009)
German Mirror Images Mirror Images - German cover (HC)
David Messina
Christian Langhagen
Tor zur Apokalypse
(Intelligence Gathering)
Scott & David Tipton December 2009
(August 2008)
Intelligence Gathering German paperback Intelligence Gathering German hardback
David Messina
Christian Langhagen
(Spock: Reflections)
Scott & David Tipton March 2010
(January 2010)
Spock german paperback Spock german hardcover
David Messina
Christian Langhagen
Tim Jones & Mike Johnson
Story by: Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci
May 2010
(February 2010)
German Nero paperback German Nero hardcover
David Messina
Christian Langhagen
(Leonard McCoy, Frontier Doctor)
John Byrne August 2011
(October 2010)
Cross Cult McCoy
John Byrne
Christian Langhagen

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