D'Vanna was an Orion woman of the 23rd century. She was an Orion slave girl of high quality.

D'Vanna was purchased by Major Meneti sutai Kommora in the mid-2280s, using some of the bribe money he'd received from Captain Kletarc sutai Klinlor. She was then smuggled aboard a supply ship to the Klingon intelligence outpost on Valtor III. There she was kept chained to a wall in Meneti's quarters, and brought out to dance for and entertain visitors to the base.

When the base apparently suffered an outbreak of a local Valtorian disease that was very similar to a strain of Orion blood fever, blood samples were taken from D'Vanna in an attempt to make an antidote against it. However, the tests were not carried out, as this was a ruse by Meneti to conceal that Triburnias wine was in fact the cause. (FASA RPG module: A Matter of Priorities) The outpost was destroyed by reference stardate 2/2209 (c. 2285). (FASA RPG module: Star Trek IV Sourcebook Update)