For the primary universe counterpart, see D'ndai of Calhoun.

In the mirror universe, D'ndai was the leader of a Xenexian rebellion against their Danteri oppressors. He was the son of Gr'zy and brother of M'k'n'zy. He killed many Danteri single-handedly. He became the leader of the rebellion, according to Gr'zy, because of "pressures of expectation." He was a brilliant and daring fighter. Although his father did not publicly support the rebellion, he was very proud of D'ndai and expected his son to succeed him as chieftain.

D'ndai's rebellious acts were responsible for his father Gr'zy being beaten near to death by Danteri, but his brother M'k'n'zy convinced them that Gr'zy was no threat.

D'ndai was killed when the Danteri targeted him in an aerial bombardment. His death was a massive blow to the Xenexian revolution movement. His body was burned in a traditional Xenexian funeral pyre, with many Xenexians in attendance, including his family, as well as the Danteri Falkar. (NF - Mirror Universe novel: Cutting Ties)

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