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The D'Kyr-class was a type of Vulcan Confederacy starship, a combat cruiser in Vulcan High Command service in the 22nd century. The D'Kyr vessels eventually served on the side of the Coalition of Planets allies during the Earth-Romulan War. (ENT episodes: "Future Tense", "Cease Fire"; ENT novel: Beneath the Raptor's Wing)


In the year 2154, a number of D'Kyr-class vessels were involved in the Battle of Andoria as part of Administrator V'Las' plans to invade Andoria. Several of these vessels also attacked the Earth starship Enterprise when they intervened in the conflict. (ENT episode: "Kir'Shara")

Later that year, a number of these vessels were assigned to the joint Andorian-Earth-Tellarite-Vulcan fleet that had combined to form a sensor grid that was to track down a Romulan drone ship which had attempted to create a rift between the different planets. (ENT episode: "United")

In 2155, two D'Kyr-class starships were captured near Alpha Centauri by the Romulans using the arrenhe'hwiua telecapture system. These two ships were used by the Romulans to wipe out a Human convoy and were then destroyed by Vulcan warships. (ENT novel: Beneath the Raptor's Wing)


Upgraded D'kyr class in the 25th century

D'Kyr-class science vessels were still in continual use following the 22nd century though the Vulcans had made upgrades to the technology used by these vessels. While initially used as combat cruisers by the Vulcan High Command, later iterations were used strictly for planetary defense, scientific exploration as well as rescue missions. Eventually, the design was shared with Starfleet allowing the Federation to build these vessels. (ST video game: Star Trek Online)

Mirror universeEdit

In the mirror universe, D'Kyr-class vessels were amongst the type of ships utilized by Vulcan rebels against the Terran Empire in the mid-22nd century. In early 2155, a number of D'Kyr's were among those who attacked the ISS Avenger. (ENT episode: "In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II")

Known vesselsEdit

D'Kyr-class combat cruiser/science vessel starships
Confederacy of Vulcan, Vulcan Defense Force
(primary universe)
DFC D'KyrDFC SeleyaDFC SepokDFC Tal'Kirunnamed VulcanIDIC
Federation, Starfleet
(primary universe)
DFC D'KyrVSS SovalVS T'AndromaVS T'PauDFC Tal'Kirunnamed UFP EmblemStarfleet Command logo
United Federation of Planets, Vulcan High Command
(alternate reality)
Vulcan science vessel UFP 2260 alt VulcanIDIC
Terran Empire rebels
(mirror universe)
unnamed Terran Empire Logo VulcanIDIC



Starship classes of the Confederacy of Vulcan
By name D'KyrD'VahlKarekhMaymoraMerchantSitarSovalSuurokT'KarathT'PariT'Plana HathTal'KyrToj LolVoroth VulcanIDIC
By type Protectorate ringshipVahklas typeVulcan probe shipVulcan robot shipVulcan shuttleVulcan survey ship
Starship classes of the Coalition of Planets
ArrowAssistCavalryChristopherCosmosDaedalusDegbaxisDiscoveryDjartannaDoppler (scout)EdisonGalliantG'buqoffHopkinsHorizonIntrepid (22nd century)LongMarshallMercuryMessierMinutemanNXPoseidonStriderTaholsinTanathooefThofsinToj LolVanguard (starship)VerneYorktownZeusZoenamy Seal of United Earth VulcanIDIC ACentaurian insignia Tellarite insignia AndorianEmblem
Starship classes of the Earth-Romulan War
United Earth, Starfleet ArrowAssistCavalryChristopherCosmosDaedalusDiscoveryDoppler (scout)EdisonGalliantGangesHopkinsHorizonIntrepid (22nd century)Liberty (picket cruiser)LongMarshallMercury (scout)MessierMinutemanNXPoseidonStriderVerneVanguard (starship)YorktownZeus Seal of United Earth United Earth Starfleet Emblem

ACentaurian insignia AndorianEmblem Tellarite insignia VulcanIDIC

Coalition of Planets allies Alpha Centauri Concordium of Planets: DjartannaZoenamy Andorian Empire: KumariTaholsinTanathooefThofsin
United Planets of Tellar: DegbaxisG'buqoffPhinda Confederacy of Vulcan: D'KyrSuurokToj Lol
Romulan Star Empire, Imperial Fleet 22nd century bird-of-prey2150s bird-of-preylate-2150s bird-of-preyAlocalaBattlehawkHathosKlivai Vang'radaiMorlasam Cl'vangasRe'ravsamSkyhawkStelai'delethamS'ten TalasamSwarmSwiftwingTakaanT'LissVas'maklaramVas'rosvlaiVastagor VastarumVastari Sanalam RomulanEmblem

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