Introduction (blurb)Edit

Back Cover Text: Crippled by a freak accident, Enterprise has crossed over into an alternate universe -- and into the middle of a civil war set off by a brutal warlord who has used technology stolen from the Daedalus to enslave his people.

Forcibly removed from their ship, imprisoned and brutalized by their captors, Captain Archer and crew soon find themselves confronting an even more immediate challenge than escape -- subtle biochemical differences in this universe that make their continued survival an impossibility. Every hour they spend in this parallel continuum brings them closer to death.

Yet Archer discovers that in order to recapture Enterprise, he may have to cripple his ship once again. And even if he manages to find a solution to that dilemma, one last survivor of the doomed flight of the Daedalus stands between Enterprise and her safe return home....


Follow-up of the novel Daedalus, also by Dave Stern



Regular charactersEdit

Jonathan ArcherTravis MayweatherPhloxMalcolm ReedHoshi SatoT'PolCharles "Trip" Tucker III

Recurring charactersEdit

DuelDonna O'Neill

Other charactersEdit

BellarsBriattVictor BrodesserCarstairsCooneyCovayMonique DuvallDwightElsonEn'hakarFaneFerik ReeveGastornisHavaKairnKedleeKowalskiKramerLakeJohn LeeLeeman SadirLind UsdanMaj WoolerMakandrosO'BannonPerandaKatreen RileyRodriguezRoyceScottTomonTrant NeesaWesterbergYamani
Referenced only 
Al-BashirHenry ArcherDinghamDirschD'LayDubrowEgilElla'jarenFerraraFitzgeraldHessLeemanMalzamiMakinNatalieOavO'ConnellParnikeeK.P. RyanSadir LyattTuroYee

Starships and vehiclesEdit

DaedalusEclipseEnterprise (NX class) • Harmony 2HuleJaquandraMaximillianShadowT'Pol (Suliban cell ship)


DenariKota systemKreshRava OneVox 4
Referenced only 
BurkheltCharestColonnaNew IrlaSydneyWarp 5 Complex

Races and culturesEdit

Referenced only 

States and organizationsEdit

Miners Guild

Other referencesEdit

cascading ion drivecloaking deviceDaedalus ProjectHubble Constantintermix chamberionNegattan aquaflyeroxygenParnikee's Theorempisarkoplasma exhaustPorthosscotchShi'Kahr PrinciplesThe Song of El CidS'ral's TheoremstereoisomerT'ronna Equations


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