Dafydd ab Hugh is a Star Trek author. He is miscredited as Daffyd ab Hugh in his DS9 novel trilogy Rebels.

Ab Hugh was announced as the writer of the duology A Time to Create and A Time to Destroy in the 2004 A Time to... miniseries, however his duology was not published in the final series which was reduced from twelve to nine books. [1][2]

Star Trek bibliographyEdit

Title series published cover
Fallen Heroes Deep Space Nine

Pocket DS9 #5:
February 1994 FallenHeroes
Balance of Power The Next Generation

Pocket TNG #33
January 1995 Balance of Power cover
Invasion! #4
The Final Fury

Pocket VOY #9
August 1996

(reprinted in Invasion!)
Vengeance Deep Space Nine

Pocket DS9 #22:
February 1998 Vengeance
Rebels #1
The Conquered
Deep Space Nine

Pocket DS9 #25:
February 1999 TheConquered
Rebels #2
The Courageous
Deep Space Nine

Pocket DS9 #26:
February 1999 TheCourageous
Rebels #3
The Liberated
Deep Space Nine

Pocket DS9 #27:
March 1999 TheLiberated

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