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Daithan Ruhalter was a male Starfleet officer in the early 24th century. As of 2333, he held the rank of captain, and was the commanding officer of the USS Stargazer.

Captain Ruhalter enjoyed fencing, and sparred with similarly inclined crewmembers, including his second officer Lt. Commander Jean-Luc Picard. Ruhalter was a man who trusted his instincts, and felt that Picard would be a better first officer than Stephen Leach. Ruhalter intended to have Leach reassigned at the earliest opportunity, and to promote Picard to the role of first officer at that point.

Captain Ruhalter died in 2333 in the line of duty, with half of his face being burned off. As Leach was placed in a coma, Picard assumed command of the Stargazer. After returning to Earth, Picard was promoted two steps in rank to Captain, and given permanent command of the Stargazer. (TNG novel: The Valiant) Picard continued to serve as its captain until the Battle of Maxia in 2355 in which the ship was believed destroyed. (TNG novel: The Buried Age, TNG episode: "The Battle")

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