The Dalerok Battlefield Memorial was a landmark on the planet Remus and was situated in the Astrakoth continent.

It was located far to the north of the cities of Meraka Trel and Leras'nev making it almost at the equator. The Memorial commemorated the victory the Romulans achieved over the Zelvorian's nearly two thousand years ago. It was at this site that the Romulans military forces the Zelvorian army in the shallow valley where it was annihilated which sealed the conquest of Remus. The Memorial itself was constructed from Gadanite that was transported to Remus from Romulus. It consisted of a pavillion with a statue of the great General Keltras who had won the battle through the use of his clever tactics.

An enormous museum was situated here where information on the battle were detailed at the museum along with a tour of the battlefield being present. There were restored anqitue weapons that were arranged on the battlefield in order for visitors to see how the opposing forces were arranged. Due to its history and importance, any Zelvorian that approached five kilometers of the monument commited a capital crime by law. (Last Unicorn RPG module: The Way of D'era: The Romulan Star Empire)

The information from this RPG source contradicts canon elements from the movie which showed that Remus was a lifeless inhospitable world with no mention of a race called the Zelvorians. It's possible the Zelvorian's were conquered on another planet and a monument was made on Remus or it's possible that the Memorial was made in reference to a victory over a possible Reman rebellion.

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