The Damar-class destroyer was a type of starship constructed by the Cardassian Union, in service shortly after the Dominion War. They were similar in design to the Galor-class, but smaller.

The Damar-class were armed with a phaser and energy dissipator, which when fired would drain the energy reserves of the targeted enemy ship, making them more vulnerable to attack.

Presumably, these ships were named after Legate Corat Damar who helped free the Cardassian people from Dominion rule. (TNG video game: Armada)

Known vesselsEdit


  • This class appeared as a non-playable menace in a limited number of maps in the game. They were the smaller counterpart to the Galor-class, though oddly were very similar in design to the Galor-class, while the game's Galor-class design bore a greater resemblance to the Keldon-class.
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