The Daralis Project was a attempt by the Shirn Alliance to develop the technology to travel anywhere in the galaxy. The project was named for Daralis, who had theorized the possibility centuries earlier.

In 2373, the USS Defiant accidentally interrupted a test by Garra Pol to use the technology in a test pod. Accused of causing the accident, Benjamin Sisko was put on trial by Koth, the Shirn scientist in charge of the Daralis Project. Despite sabotage by Doctor Mayev to the Defiant during the rescue attempt of Pol, the Defiant was able to mount a successful rescue. Sisko appealed to Koth to reflect on Mayev's warnings that scientific attempts like the Daralis Project were diverting attention away from solving problems in Shirn society such as starvation and poverty. (DS9 comics: "Risk, Part One", "Risk, The Conclusion")

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