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The Darmok-class was a type of advanced starship utilized by the Children of Tama in the 24th century. These vessels were equipped with systems comparable to that of a Federation Galaxy-class starship. (CCG set: Alternate Universe, card: "Tama", CCG set: Energize, card: "Tama")

Like all Tamarian vessels, ships of this class were adorned with symbols and artifacts that reflected their society's rich history and mythology.

In 2368, the Tama, a Darmok-class vessel commanded by Captain Dathon met with the USS Enterprise-D in orbit of El-Adrel IV, in the hopes of establishing dialogue between the Tamarians and the Federation. When initial attempts at communication failed, Dathon had himself and Captain Jean-Luc Picard beamed down to El-Adrel and then set up a particle scattering field so that they couldn't be beamed off.

The Enterprise attempted to dissipate the scattering field by firing on the Tamarian vessel, but suffered serious damage in return. (TNG episode: "Darmok")