For the primary universe counterpart, see Daro.

In the mirror universe, Daro is a Cardassian gul in the service of the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance during the late 24th century. In 2371, he commanded the scout ship Bok'nor. He was proud of his Cardassian sense of aesthetics, a sense he felt was lacking in his Klingon allies. He was especially appalled by the styles of clothing Klingons preferred to wear.

In 2371, he confronted the trading vessel Falrak's Pride, which was in reality the Terran Rebellion flitter Geronimo. He attempted to buy a Vulcan slave, namely Tuvok from the ship's commander, but was rebuffed by Falrak - in reality Seska - who said that Daro couldn't afford him; Daro agreed. (VOY - Mirror Universe novel: The Mirror-Scaled Serpent)

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