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In an alternate timeline, Darro was a male, gold-skinned Soong-breed android in service as agent to the Federation Temporal Intervention Agency in the mid-31st century. (DTI eBook: The Collectors)


On Day 266, 3051, Agent Darro was part of a strike team assembled by Supervisor Jena Noi in TIA Headquarters on Tandar Prime. Supervisor Noi and Agents Darro and Ssrax flanked Federation Temporal Agent Jena Noi, who came from a possible future of the primary universe, after she tried to escape by throwing a time-dilation grenade.

When Director Timot Danlen led a strike flotilla of TIA battleships to the year 21,436,000 to retrieve the Collector obelisk time travel device from the Collector Preserve, Darro was part of a team led by Agent Serel Jeihaz. The TIA was returned to its era without the obelisk. (DTI eBook: The Collectors)



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