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Admiral Das-Dosiame was an Odib male and the commander of the Odib fleet.

In 2270, Das warned his good friend, Sa-Gahnesaam, about lobby against the fleet's deployment against the Isitri, but Sa did it anyway and was successful. However, Sa was killed by the Isitri and Das lead the fleet at maximum strength against Isitra in order to get revenge and defend the Odib. Despite his need for revenge, Das was convinced not to hold off attacking the Isitri by Captain Kirk as Kirk tried to stop the situation from continuing to escalate. As part of the deal Kirk sent the Odib telemetry from USS Enterprise's sensors, but when this telemetry was lost Das ordered the fleet to engage the Isitri. During the ensuing battle Das was killed when the ceiling above him collapsed under Isitri weapons fire. (TOS novel: Troublesome Minds)

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