David Mack

David Mack at a book signing at Forbidden Planet in Manhattan.


Warpath, Mack's first Star Trek: Deep Space Nine novel.

David Mack is the author of several novels, short stories, and eBooks , most notably the Star Trek: Destiny trilogy. Mack is also a screenwriter who, with John J. Ordover, wrote the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Starship Down" and contributed the story for "It's Only a Paper Moon". He currently lives in New York City.

Mack also wrote or edited dialogue scripts for the DS9 games The Fallen and Dominion Wars, as well as the character bios for Star Trek: Starship Creator..

Mack is one of several authors who have produced annotations for their published works.

Star Trek BibliographyEdit

Title series format published cover
Starship Down
with John J. Ordover
Deep Space Nine episode November 1995 Starshipdown
It's Only a Paper Moon
with John J. Ordover
Deep Space Nine episode December 1998 Vic and Nog
Divided We Fall
with John J. Ordover
Deep Space Nine comic July-October 2001 Divided We Fall 1
Invincible, Part One
with Keith R.A. DeCandido
Starfleet Corps of Engineers ebook August 2001 SCE7
Invincible, Part Two
with Keith R.A. DeCandido
Starfleet Corps of Engineers ebook October 2001 SCE8
The Starfleet Survival Guide Star Trek reference book September 2002 Starfleet Survival Guide
Wildfire, Book 1 Starfleet Corps of Engineers ebook December 2002 SCE23
Wildfire, Book 2 Starfleet Corps of Engineers ebook January 2003 SCE24
No Limits:
"Waiting for G'Doh, or, How I Learned to Stop Moving and Hate People"
New Frontier short story October 2003 NoLimits
Failsafe Starfleet Corps of Engineers ebook May 2004 SCE40
Tales of the Dominion War:
Deep Space Nine short story August 2004 Tales of the Dominion War
A Time to Kill The Next Generation novel August 2004 A time to kill
A Time to Heal The Next Generation novel September 2004 ATTHeal
Small World Starfleet Corps of Engineers ebook March 2005 SCE49
Harbinger Vanguard novel August 2005 Harbinger
Warpath Deep Space Nine novel March 2006 Warpath
Glass Empires:
The Sorrows of Empire
The Original Series
Mirror Universe
novel February 2007 Mirror1
Obsidian Alliances:
Saturn's Children
Deep Space Nine
Mirror Universe
novel March 2007 Mirror2
Reap the Whirlwind Vanguard novel June 2007 Reap the Whirlwind titles
Gods of Night Destiny novel October 2008 Gods of Night
Mere Mortals Destiny novel November 2008 Mere Mortals
Lost Souls Destiny novel December 2008 Lost Souls
Shards and Shadows:
"For Want of a Nail"
The Next Generation
Mirror Universe
short story January 2009 Shards and Shadows
Precipice Vanguard novel December 2009 Precipice cover
The Sorrows of Empire The Original Series
Mirror Universe
novel January 2010 The Sorrows of Empire cover
Zero Sum Game Typhon Pact novel November 2010 Zero Sum Game
The Stars Look Down
Vangaurd novella July 2011 Declassified
Rise Like Lions Mirror Universe novel November 2011 Riselikelions
Storming Heaven Vanguard novel March 2012 Storming Heaven cover
Cold Equations:
The Persistence of Memory
The Next Generation novel October 2012 Persistence large
Cold Equations:
Silent Weapons
The Next Generation novel November 2012 Silentweapons large
Cold Equations:
The Body Electric
The Next Generation novel December 2012 Body Electric
The Fall:
A Ceremony of Losses
Deep Space Nine novel October 2013 A Ceremony of Losses
Second Nature Seekers novel July 2014 Seekers1
Section 31:
Deep Space Nine novel October 2014 Disavowed Cover
Long Shot Seekers novel August 2015 Seekers3
Best Defense Legacies novel July 2016 TOS Legacies Best Defense
Section 31:
Deep Space Nine novel April 2017 Section 31- Control Cover
Desperate Hours Discovery novel September 2017 Desperate Hours cover

Other worksEdit

A novel based on 2009's movie Star Trek, More Beautiful than Death, had been scheduled for publication in summer 2010, but was "indefinitely postponed".

External LinksEdit

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