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David R. George III.

David R. George III has written for Star Trek on television, in books, and in magazines. He began his Trek career when he co-wrote the story for a first-season Voyager episode. He subsequently penned several Original Series, Next Generation, and Deep Space Nine novels and novellas. His Original Series trilogy, Crucible, was published to help celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the show's television debut. A planned hardcover collecting all three Crucible novels, and including a new preface and five new short stories by George, was scheduled for publication in May 2009; though the volume was later canceled, George had completed writing the new material.

George also wrote "Deep Into That Darkness Peering," the introduction to the Twist of Faith omnibus. His Mission Gamma novel, Twilight, was reprinted in the These Haunted Seas omnibus.

George's Voyager episode received a nomination for a Sci Fi Universe award in the category "Best Writing in a Genre Television Show or Telefilm." His work has appeared on both the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists.

He has also contributed numerous articles to Star Trek Magazine.

Star Trek bibliographyEdit

Title Series Type of Work Publication Date Cover Notes
"Prime Factors" Voyager Television Story March 1995 Prime Factors Co-wrote story

First-season episode
The 34th Rule Deep Space Nine Novel January 1999 34thRule Co-written with Armin Shimerman

Takes place during the fourth
season of the series
Twilight Deep Space Nine

Mission Gamma
(Book One)
Novel September 2002 Mission gamma1 DS9 Relaunch (takes place after the series)
Serpents Among the Ruins The Lost Era
Novel September 2003 Tlebook2 Features Captain John Harriman and First Officer Demora Sulu aboard Enterprise-B
Olympus Descending Deep Space Nine

Worlds of Deep Space Nine:
Volume Three
Novel February 2005 WoDS93 DS9 Relaunch
Iron and Sacrifice The Lost Era

Tales from the Captain's Table anthology
Novella June 2005 TalesCaptainsTable Features Demora Sulu
Provenance of Shadows Original Series

Crucible: McCoy
Novel September 2006 Crucible1 Spans the series and the films
The Fire and the Rose Original Series

Crucible: Spock
Novel December 2006 Crucible2 Spans the series and the films
The Star To Every Wandering Original Series

Crucible: Kirk
Novel March 2007 Crucible3 Spans the series and the films
"Deep Into That Darkness Peering" Deep Space Nine

Twist of Faith omnibus
Introduction May 2007 Twist of Faith Introduces an omnibus collecting the first five DS9 Relaunch works
These Haunted Seas Deep Space Nine Novel Reprint June 2008 TheseHauntedSeas An omnibus collecting the sixth and seventh DS9 Relaunch works
The Embrace of Cold Architects Next Generation

Myriad Universes: Shattered Light
Novel December 2010 Shattered Light Set in an alternate reality, and features Data and his "daughter," Lal
Rough Beasts of Empire Original Series &
Deep Space Nine

Typhon Pact
Novel January 2011 Rough Beasts of Empire Third book of the Typhon Pact miniseries, focuses on the divided Romulan empire and introduces the Tzenkethi
Plagues of Night Typhon Pact Novel June 2012 Plagues of Night The first of a two-book series involving factions within the Typhon Pact attempting to develop quantum slipstream drive.
Raise the Dawn Typhon Pact Novel July 2012 Raise the Dawn The second of a two-book series involving factions within the Typhon Pact attempting to develop quantum slipstream drive.
Allegiance in Exile Original Series Novel January 2013 Allegiance in Exile cover This novel establishes first contact with the Bajorans, and shows the beginnings of Hikaru Sulu's command aspirations.
Revelation and Dust Deep Space Nine/The Fall Novel September 2013 Revelation and Dust solicitation cover The first of the five-book The Fall series, focusing on the Deep Space 9.
One Constant Star The Lost Era Novel June 2014 One Constant Star cover The eleventh The Lost Era novel, and the second to feature John Harriman and Demora Sulu.
Sacraments of Fire Deep Space Nine Novel 2015

Star Trek Magazine articlesEdit

Title Subject Issue Number Issue Date Magazine
"Of Ice and Moonlight" James T. Kirk UK #136
US #9
Jan/Feb 2008 STM136 Dispelling myths in an exploration on the romances of James T. Kirk
"All the Galaxy's a Stage" Deep Space Nine Relaunch UK #137
US #10
Mar/Apr 2008 STM137 Exploring the DS9 Relaunch
"Cowboys and Diplomats" James T. Kirk &
Jean-Luc Picard
UK #138
US #11
May/Jun 2008 STM138 Dispelling myths in a comparison of the reputations and characters of James T. Kirk and Jean-Luc Picard
"The Voice of the Hidden Waterfall" Spock UK #140
US #13
Sep/Oct 2008 STM140 Dispelling myths about Spock's emotional life
"Condemned for a Villain: Winn Adami" Winn Adami UK #149
US #22
December 2009 STM149 Exploring the villains of Star Trek
"Trek Lit Villain: Colonel Mitra" Colonel Mitra from
The 34th Rule
UK #149
US #22
December 2009 STM149 Exploring the villains of Star Trek literature
"Trek Lit Villain: Aventeer Vokar" Aventeer Vokar from
Serpents Among the Ruins
UK #149
US #22
December 2009 STM149 Exploring the villains of Star Trek literature
"Life From Lifelessness" Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan UK #153
US #26
Jun 2010 STM153 Reviewing the second Star Trek feature film
"Who Is...Jim Kirk?" James T. Kirk UK #154
US #27
Jul/Aug 2010 STM154 Exploring the character of James T. Kirk through the various incarnations of Star Trek
"Who Is...Sulu?" Hikaru Sulu UK #157
US #30
Dec 2010 STM157 Exploring the character of Hikaru Sulu through the various incarnations of Star Trek
"Who Is...Dr. McCoy?" Leonard McCoy UK #159
US #32
Mar 2011 STM159 Exploring the character of Dr. McCoy through the various incarnations of Star Trek
"Who Is...Chekov?" Pavel Chekov UK #160
US #33
Apr/May 2011 STM160 Exploring the character of Pavel Chekov through the various incarnations of Star Trek
"Resurrecting Okona" Thadiun Okona UK #160
US #33
Apr/May 2011 STM160 Discussing the return of Thadiun Okona in The Embrace of Cold Architects
"Who Is...Scotty?" Montgomery Scott UK #161
US #34
June 2011 STM161 Exploring the character of Montgomery Scott through the various incarnations of Star Trek
"Who Is...Christopher Pike?" Christopher Pike UK #162
US #35
Jul/Aug 2011 STM162 Exploring the character of Christopher Pike through the various incarnations of Star Trek
"The Ultimate Guide: Deep Space Nine, Season 7" Deep Space Nine, Season 7 UK #164
US #37
Oct/Nov 2011 STM164 Exploring the series' seventh season, with episode rankings, best moment, worst episode, best guest star, and most valuable player
"Do You Believe in Miracles?" Montgomery Scott UK #165
US #38
Jan/Feb 2012 STM165 Dispelling myths about the Enterprise's chief engineer being a genuine "miracle worker"
"Star Trek 45s: 'Fight or Flight' "Fight or Flight" UK #166
US #39
Spring 2012 STM166 Examining a specific episode of Enterprise

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