This article is about the comic story arc and omnibus collection. You may be looking for the Messenger, also known as "Dax's comet".

Omnibus edition cover image, art by L. Kirk, T. Pallot and D. Delarosa, with colorists M. Baumann and S. Callanach.

Dax's Comet is a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine comic duology published by Malibu Comics in 1994 as the 14th and 15th issues of their ongoing DS9 series. The story was later collected (along with preceding Issue #13) as an 84 page omnibus edition (ISBN 0752201344) by Boxtree in January 1996.

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Oddly enough, the two parts of this story are titled "Part 1" (with a numeral) and "Part II" (with a Roman numeral).

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