The Daxxtarians were a humanoid warp-capable species found in the Beta Quadrant. At least some Daxxtarians engaged in piracy. (STO - "Wasteland" mission: "The Undying")


Daxxtarians had at least one sex, corresponding with males. Their bodyplan was typically humanoid. Daxxtarians were distinguished from other humanoids by their physiognomy. The skin was blue and accented with a symmetrical pattern of spots running backwards from their forehead. Daxxtarians had pointed ears and the same facial ridges as Xindi-Primates. Daxxtarian eyeballs were brown, their pupils metallic blue.


Daxxtarian pirates operated Daxxtarian cruisers in Nimbosian space, along with pirates from other species. At least some of them were friendly with the Orion Syndicate, which ruled Nimbus III until the early 25th century.


In 2409, a Daxxtarian cruiser operated alongside other pirates in the Nimbosian system. The ship was attacked by the Orion Syndicate and saved by an Allied vessel.

Jensen was a patron in Hassan's Shangdu club and particularly interested in a male humanoid dancer. Both were killed in a violent outbreak among the staff and customers. (STO - "Wasteland" mission: "The Undying")