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Daystrom Data Concepts was a business firm that operated from the planet Earth in the Sol system with its head office being located in the city of San Francisco. The company was founded on Stardate 1/9805.1 by Doctor Randall L. Daystrom and its chartering organization was the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United Federation of Planets

After its founder became the first inventor of the multitronic engram logic enhanced computer system, it became a family business that specialized in the creation as well as supply of advanced computer designs. It was also the sole provider of multitronic series of computers to both Starfleet Command along with civilian as well as educational bodies. The replacement of the old "L" series of computers with the new "M" multitronic series produced a number of breakthroughs in warp drive and weapons technology. Furthermore, the corporation provided highly efficient software for the storage of massive amounts of sensitive data. In addition, it provided internal along with external security options for such systems.

Following the death of Randall Daystrom, Richard Daystrom took control of the company's operations until his mental collapse forced his son Richard Daystrom II to became the new CEO of the firm. Since that time, the corporation was responsible for the restoration attempts at Memory Alpha which had been critically damaged by the Lights of Zetar incident and led to massive damage to the museum's memory core. Despite this loss, the actions of Dr. Cynthia Daystrom allowed for the recovery of all but a small amount of data. Daystrom Data Concepts was involved with continued refinement of mulitronic systems and improving its capabilities. It was expected that the company's continued research program was expected to create a new breakthrough within the next two years.

The company possessed at least two sub-divisions:

  • Daystrom Datatronics : headed by Richard Daystrom II himself, it specialized in Multitronic Computer Designs.
  • Daystrom Data Storage : oversaw Massive Data Storage Systems Security with its division head being Dr. Cynthia Daystrom. (FASA RPG module: The Federation)

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