Delta Vega was a binary star system, composed of two white dwarfs, located on the upper fringe of the galaxy, located at coordinates 140.9, 47.7, 187.8. The system of this star consisted of a single planet, Delta Vega I. Delta Vega was somewhat near Lavinius, Ilyria, Duran, Gamma Cygni and Xi Herculis. (TOS comic: "Eclipse of Reason")



In the 23rd century, the system of Delta Vega was remote, visited only by automated starships from the Federation retrieving valuable crystals from lithium cracking station on the system's single planet. (TOS reference: Star Trek Maps)

By 2381 the Federation had established a colony on the planet, that was noticed by the Totality. Many individuals that rejected the Totality were deposited on Delta Vega in that year. (TOS novel: Captain's Glory)

Some time prior to 2387 the Romulan Star Empire had also staked an interest in the system, when the miner Nero discovered lithium deposits, critical in helping recover Romulus from its energy crisis. (TOS website: Dossiers)

Exactly when the colony was established, and when the Romulan mining operations in the system began, are unspecified by with either source. If they are assumed to be in the same continuity then possibility of cooperation, or conflict, between the Romulans and Federation exists in relation to the planet. Alternatively, in the same continuity or not, the Romulan mining operation may simply have occurred when the Federation was not active in the system.