Deral was a male inhabitant of Meridian in the Trialus star system in the Gamma Quadrant. Deral spends sixty years in a non-corporeal state with the rest of his people when Meridian is shifted into another dimension by a phenomenon caused by the Trialus star.

In 2371, when Meridian was shifted back into the regular universe, the crew of the USS Defiant made first contact with the inhabitants, mainly Deral and Seltin Rakal. Jadzia Dax worked with Deral to attempt to identify why the planet shifted, while at the same time the pair started a romantic relationship. Jadzia decided to stay on Meridian, but had to leave when she did not shift with the others. Jadzia hoped to see Deral again. (DS9 episode: "Meridian", ST reference: Celebrations)

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