Devir is a Brazilian publisher, which since 2008 has been producing Portuguese language reprints of IDW Publishing Star Trek comic miniseries omnibuses for the Brazilian market.


(English title)
Translator Publication date Cover
Klingons: Herança de Sangue
(Klingons: Blood Will Tell)
Antônio C. Neto November 2008 Klingons- Herança de Sangue
Reinaldo Fraga
Leandro Luigi Del Manto
Ano Quatro
(Year Four)
Anthony C. Grandson May 2009 Ano Quatro
Leandro Luigi Del Manto
(The Space Between)
Anthony C. Grandson July 2009 Interlúdios
Reinaldo Fraga
Leandro Luigi Del Manto
Raças Alienígenas
(Alien Spotlight)
August 2010 Raças Alienígenas

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