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Devna was a female Orion who originally worked for the Orion Syndicate, and who later became a member of the ruling Elysian Council, serving as their interpreter of laws. (TAS episode & novelization: The Time Trap)


22nd centuryEdit

Devna was scrawnier than other Orion slave girls, and seemed more demure, which was all the more appealing to some of her customers, especially those who wanted to feel dominant. Her pheremones are very potent, though not nearly as powerful as those of the Elites. This allowed her to influence many powerful figures, what came very handy when she ascended through the ranks of the Three Sisters' intelligence agents.

In 2163, Devna was part of an Orion plot to bring down the nascent Federation. Working as an erotic masseuse, she attracted the attention of Federation Defense Commissioner Min glasch Noar. The two began sleeping together, and during their nightly visits Devna used her influence to sway him toward favoring a more aggressive stance in the Federation's dealings with the mysterious aliens known as "Mutes". However, this plan was discovered, and before Devna could escape into obscurity, she was confronted by Charles Tucker III of Section 31. But to her surprise, instead of using force to obtain information from her, Tucker tried to reason with her, treated her with respect. This appealed to Devna, and two opened up to each other, sharing a lengthy conversation about freedom, with her believing that they are all slaves and that they can never be free, in turn Tucker stated that there is one person in the world that makes him free as long as they have each other. Devna found this moving, and she willingly told him part of the plan. Tucker in turn let her go, and she gave him a kiss before she went, with a seed of yearning for freedom in her hearth. (ENT novel: A Choice of Futures)

For her failure, Devna was demoted to the level of the lowliest sex slaves, but her initiative and cunning that prevented her capture caught her superiors eyes, and kept her from a worst fate. In the following months, she worked hard to get back into her owners good grace and regain her position as an intelligence agent.

In 2164, Devna got an unsuspected ally in the for of Maras, the youngest of the Three Sisters. She revealed to Devna that she is not as "simple" as she acted in front of everyone, and gave Devna a data crystal, containg information about Jofirek's betrayal to the Sisters and how could they absorb the remains of the man's criminal organization. Maras told her to give the crystal to Navaar saying that she found it after "accidentally" killed Jofirek in the bedroom. When Devna asked the Sister why did she do this for her, Maras replied that quiet girls should stick together then passionately kissed her. (ENT novel: Tower of Babel)

23rd centuryEdit

Sometime before the mid-23rd century, Devna became trapped in the interdimensional rift known as Elysia. There, she eventually became a member of the ruling council there and the Interpreter of Laws. Over the years she longed to see her homeworld of Orion again, though she had come to accept her life in Elysia.

When the USS Enterprise was pulled into Elysia, Devna advised Captain James T. Kirk that there was no escape from Elysia, but he resolved to try anyway, and succeeded. (TAS episode: "The Time Trap")

24th centuryEdit

Devna again acted as the Council's representative when the USS da Vinci visited Elysia in 2376. (SCE eBook: Where Time Stands Still)



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