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The Devolin system was a trinary star system in the Beta Quadrant. Circa 500,000 BCE, the third star of the system collapsed into a class-four black hole, creating a significant degree of ionizing radiation throughout the system. (ENT - Glass Empires novel: Age of the Empress)

In 2358, the USS Pegasus, crippled by an explosion and shifting molecular phase, drifted into the Devolin system, where it shifted into normal space within a large asteroid. In 2370, the USS Enterprise-D and the IRW Terix both searched the Devolin system for the wreckage of the Pegasus. (TNG episode: "The Pegasus")

In the mirror universe, the Devolin system was the suspected location of a rebel fleet planning an attack against the Terran Empire. However, when a fleet led by the USS Defiant arrived to attack the rebels, they found no other ships. (ENT - Glass Empires novel: Age of the Empress)

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