The Devore warship was a warship type in service to the Devore Imperium in the 24th century. Devore warships were larger than a Federation Intrepid-class starship. One was a match, two outgunned an Intrepid-class starship. They carried a sizeable crew, dwarved an Intrepid-class vessel in size, and carried at least one Devore scout ship. Devore warships were equipped with refractive shields. (VOY episode: "Counterpoint")


In 2375, the Federation starship USS Voyager entered Devore space on its way from the Delta to the Alpha Quadrant. The Imperium granted passage on the condition that Voyager submit to frequent inspections by Devore personnel. The total of four inspections were carried out by pairs of Devore warships. These were commanded by Kashyk. Voyager detected another dozen warships laying in wait in a Mutara class nebula for ships illegally carrying telepaths. (VOY episode: "Counterpoint")



Starship classes of the Devore Imperium
By type Devore attack cruiserDevore warshipDevore scout ship

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