Dexter O. Armbruster was a 23rd century Human man, born around reference stardate 1/64, in the 2220s. Armbruster was a career Starfleet officer, and by the 2280s he had risen to flag officer rank in the Starfleet Intelligence agency. By stardate 2/23, he was the chief of Starfleet Intelligence and held a security clearance (SECLAR) of 8, one of the highest levels in the Federation.


Armbruster began his career as a cadet at the Intelligence school at Starfleet Academy, with high marks for his skills at administration, instruction and leadership. Over the course of his career, Armbruster honed his skills at bribery, carousing, clandestine operations, forgery, interrogation, marksmanship, emergency medicine, diplomacy, stealth, surveillance and assuming cover identities. Besides unarmed combat, Armbruster also became knowledgeable in a number of weapons and their use in security procedures. Armbruster also mastered a number of technology fields, including sensors, transporters, computer and engineering disciplines including damage control and environmental suit/zero gravity operations. He was a capable pilot of small and large vehicles and was schooled in science applications in genetics, meteorology, political science and economics, as well as astronomy. Armbruster had knowledge of Federation and Romulan history, three-dimensional chess, and language skills in Orion and Romulan.

Armbruster's cadet assignment was in the Starfleet Intelligence Administration Division. Becoming an officer, Armbruster served in the technical services in Starfleet Intelligence Triangle sector. Armbruster moved on to a four year assignment, again in administration, before serving as an intelligence instructor at Starfleet Academy for a one-year stint. Armbruster's next assignment was another four years in administration and then he moved into four years of service in support services in the Triangle sector. Armbruster continued with support services in Starfleet Intelligence Romulan sector for three years and then served another three years at administration before returning to the Romulan sector support for four years. Armbruster returned to administration for a five-year stint before attaining the position of chief of intelligence. Armbruster maintained his office from Starbase 7. (FASA RPG module: Star Fleet Intelligence Manual)

Starfleet service recordEdit

  • Starfleet Intelligence Administration Division (cadet assignment)
  • Starfleet Intelligence technical services, Triangle sector, (4 years)
  • Starfleet Intelligence Administration Division (4 years)
  • Starfleet Academy, intelligence instructor (1 year)
  • Starfleet Intelligence Administration Division (4 years)
  • Starfleet Intelligence support services, Triangle sector, (4 years)
  • Starfleet Intelligence technical services, Romulan sector, (3 years)
  • Starfleet Intelligence Administration Division (3 years)
  • Starfleet Intelligence technical services, Romulan sector, (4 years)
  • Starfleet Intelligence Administration Division (5 years)
  • Chief of Starfleet Intelligence, Starbase 7



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For the purpose of the FASA RPG, this character was assigned a number of attributes to determine the outcome of die rolls.

action points

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