Dhoraxi mothership

20th Century Dhoraxi mothership

The Dhoraxi mothership was an older design starship that was used by the Dhoraxi during the 20th century, but which had been taken out of service before the 23rd century.

It was normally not capable of crossing four light-years in just two days because of limits in Dhoraxi propulsion technology. The ship that was commanded by ambassador Xahd managed to do this by operating the engines beyond safety margins and channeling nearly all energy into them, including that normally reserved for life support.

By the time the ship had arrived at Earth, only five members of its crew were still alive.

The regular crew complement on board a ship of this design was sixty.

It carried at least one Dhoraxi scout ship that was used as a shuttlecraft. (TOS comic: "1971/4860.2")

The mothership Xahd came with to Earth would eventually enter a decaying orbit and burn up in the atmosphere above Alberta, Canada in 1972, its remaining crew having died of oxygen starvation.

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