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Dick Brownfield was a 24th century Human serving as a career Starfleet officer in the 2350s and 2360s decades.


In the year 2328, Brownfield was a passenger aboard the SS Manila, boarding at planet Chronister II and bound for Thomsworld Spaceport. (TNG episode: "Inheritance")

Brownfield was listed in Starfleet Shipyards Operations personnel on the dedication plaque of the Federation starship USS Brattain in the year 2344, on stardate 22519. (TNG episode: "Night Terrors")

In 2354, Richard James was listed on directory signs on Starbase 32 as an officer of Starfleet Operational Support Services, in office 43964. (TNG episode: "Violations")

By 2365, Brownfield had achieved the title of captain and was the commanding officer of the Federation starship USS Atlantis on a diplomatic expedition to Alderaan, around stardate 42523.7. (TNG episode: "The Measure of a Man")

In the 2370s, he was listed as an officer of Starfleet Research and Development on the dedication plaque of USS Voyager in 2371 and USS Prometheus in 2373. Brownfield was also listed in the crew manifest of Voyager by his rank of lieutenant commander. (VOY episodes: "Caretaker", "Message in a Bottle", "Parturition")



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