The Diplomatic Quarter was a name of a biodome that served as a location for foreigners to reside in on the Breen homeworld. Internally, it was calibrated to produce an environment similar to that of a Class M planet with all contact between the Breen and visitors being conducted in this location. It was difficult to determine the outside environment as it was constantly obscured by liquid methane rain and the walls themselves were made of a semi-opaque substance. (Decipher RPG module: Worlds)

the planet Breen
cities, settlements and landmarks City AlphaCity BetaCity GammaCity EpsilonCity EtaCapitol CityDiplomatic QuarterFrosty's Hothouse BreenConfederacy
geography Bayside MountainsIce CliffsSouth MountainsPolar Cap Mountains
bodies of water Central OceanPolar BayCentral OceanGreat Ice Ocean

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