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Disavowed is an upcoming 2014 Star Trek: Section 31 novel by author David Mack. The novel takes place after the events of Star Trek: The Fall and focuses on Julian Bashir, Sarina Douglas and Section 31.

Publisher's descriptionEdit

The pulse-pounding new Star Trek thriller from David Mack–a direct sequel to the New York Times bestselling series The Fall!
Amoral, shrouded in secrecy, and answerable to no one, Section 31 is the mysterious covert operations division of Starfleet, a rogue shadow group committed to safeguarding the Federation at any cost. Doctor Julian Bashir sacrificed his career for a chance to infiltrate Section 31 and destroy it from within. Now it's asking him to help it stop the Breen from stealing a dangerous new technology from the Mirror Universe–one that could give the Breen control over the galaxy. It’s a mission Bashir can’t refuse—but is it really the shot he’s been waiting for? Or is it a trap from which even his genetically enhanced intellect can’t escape?



Julian BashirSarina Douglas

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Section 31StarfleetUnited Federation of Planets


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