The Doctrine of Lollo was a text that existed within Rigelian society.

The writings within the doctrine allowed a reader to better understand the Rigelian race and it was noted that there was great wisdom within the book. The book itself was quite small in size and required good eyesight in order to read it effectively though it was written in Federation Standard which made it an exported item.

Within it, there were complex equations for determining a persons balance in love, career, family, gambling, athletics as well as other endeavors along with aphorisms and admonitions. According to Lollo, it was considered a terrible risk to wear a shirt with nine buttons on it unless they had a hidden one under the cuff. Furthermore, it was diserable to have ninteen spouses with either men or women allowed with a union of ten women and ten men which offered the most balance. Any marriage beyond this number was discouraged as it threw the union out of balance. There was also noted wisdom in making important journeys with four men, four women and four children. However, it was considered that three men with one cihld traveling together being considered an ill fortune - possibly leading to a death.

The Doctrine of Lollo also contained several gruesome bits of wisdom as well along with advice which stated that the ideal number in an assassination party were three women and two men. Furthermore, it was also suggested that children were to be given away in order to attain certain combinations. There were also food recipes within the book which depended upon the strict numerical combination of ingredients. Lollo also strictly dictated that the numbers and types of animals to keep along with dates and times they had to be slaughtered, neutered or bred.

There was also a section that contained a list of rules that covered clothing which was communally owned with the correct number of sets that had to be kept in a household. The writings were also the reason why almost the entirety of Rigelians wore black as the primary colors were assigned numbers with black being number one which was the most in balance. Numerologists and other priveleged classes were allowed to wear brown as it was considered a humble color which balanced their importance.

In addition, there were several references to the "void" with the term one with a void being one seeking to add to his life.

In 2293, the numerologist Mother Gasnpul gave Captain Spock a book which contained the Doctrine of Lollo in order to familiarize him with Rigelian culture. (TOS novel: Mind Meld)

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