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Sisko throws money

Sisko throws dollar bills as a distraction in Vic Fontaine's holosuite program.

The dollar was a common human term for currency. Variations of the dollar were used by the United States of America, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, and many others.

The US dollar was a standard medium of exchange for centuries, in use across that country. The Sands Hotel in the US state of Nevada is an example of a business that used dollars as a unit of exchange. (DS9 episode: "His Way")

In 2275, Montgomery Scott used the phrase "dollars to doughnuts" to describe how sure he was. (TOS novel: The Better Man)

In 2063, Zefram Cochrane admitted to being motivated by dollar signs. (TNG movie novelization: Star Trek: First Contact)

By 2155, the Australian dollar was worthless. (ENT novel: Beneath the Raptor's Wing)

Michael Eddington owned a Canadian one dollar coin, known as a "loonie". (DS9 episode: "Blaze of Glory")

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Types of currency
materials acta crystalgolddiamondlatinumludugial goldsilver
units bilbokcentcreditdarsekdejebbitdirakdollardroknaducatgalorine credit slipileckernklon peaglaertian dinarleklitanotch-rockprime transfer authorityquatloosaktosousszekett'chaktalontri-esta

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