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Dolmak's Eyes

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"Dolmak's Eyes" was a mysterious reference from Bajoran culture, which survived to the 24th century only in scroll fragments and oral history. It comes from the verse, "Beware the deathless Tovang. What was won could not be taken. What was lost could not be spared. Our tears drown the sea while death hunts beneath the eyes of Dalmak." While Dolmak was the ancient Bajoran god of revenge, the meaning of the allusion was lost.

In 2370, Ro Laren theorized "Dolmak's Eyes" referred to the binary suns of the Tarvo system, and the quote referred to a war the old Bajoran Republic had fought with the Vorel in that region 2000 years earlier. While the Bajorans had won that system, they never settled it. Ro suggested the verse indicated some tragic disaster in that system, an interpretation supported by the discovery of a violent non-humanoid alien on that world. (TNG short story: "The Naked Truth")

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