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Doltec VII was a class J planet, a gas giant in the Cardassian Union. It was the seventh planet of the Doltec system, located in the galaxy's Alpha Quadrant. Doltec VII had one dilithium moon. In the 2370s decade, the Cardassians maintained a base, consisting of several space stations, in the planet's orbit, including the starbase Cefta Nor-7R. (ST video game: Armada II mission: "Executioner")


On stardate 54656.5 (2377), Chancellor Martok dispatched the IKS Sad'taj to the Doltec system to destroy the Kestian colony in order to prevent it from joining Gul Kentar's rebellion against the Klingon occupation of Cardassian space. The Klingons were able to maintain and expand their besieged starbase Ejyowaw-10, and succeeded in occupying the entire system, including Doltec VII. (ST video game: Armada II mission: "Executioner")

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