The Dominion War was an interstellar conflict which raged across the Alpha Quadrant from 2373 until 2375. Here is a timeline of those events.


  • Stardate 50975.2: Following the arrival of a fifth convoy of Dominion ships entering the Alpha Quadrant, Starfleet orders Captain Sisko to begin plans to mine the entrance to the wormhole to stop any more Dominion reinforcements. DS9's engineering teams eventually develop self-replicating mines with each mine creating a replacement if one was destroyed.
  • Weyoun is despatched to DS9 to arrange an agreement with Captain Sisko, but it is only a stalling measure as a large Dominion fleet is detected heading for the station. With Starfleet planning an assault on the shipyards on Torros III, Sisko is left to defend the station with the Defiant and the IKS Rotarran. Once the fleet arrives, DS9 buys time for the Defiant so that all of the mines could be laid. Once this is achieved all Starfleet personnel are evacuated from the station. Shortly after, Dukat assumes command once again and renames the station, Terok Nor. (DS9 episode: "Call to Arms")

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