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Cardassian dreadnought missile

The Cardassian dreadnought missile

The Dreadnought Missile was a large starship sized weapon created by the Cardassian Union.

The vessel essentially serves as a long range missile that carries a thousand kilograms of anti-matter allowing it the destructive capability of destroying a small moon. It is unmanned and makes use of a sophisticated Cardassian automated system that makes it independent once deployed. (TNG video game: Armada II)

Known shipsEdit


Starship classes of the Cardassian Union
Named classes AkrilBok'NorBrinokBrujaDamarGalorGroumall Gul VystanHidekiHutetHybridJanissaryKeldonKulinorLegateLiburnianNerokNetelNeterokNorinRanolRasilakSartanSelekTelokTongaToranVasadVincaYrcanZhoden CardassianUnion
Unnamed classes by type/description colony shipconstruction shipcruiserdreadnought missilemining freighterrepair shipsurvey vesselfightershuttlecraft

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