Drek (often called Drek, May His Name Live in Infamy or Drek, M.H.N.L.I.I.) was a male Ferengi who lived prior to year 9315 of the Ferengi calendar. Drek was a cobbler's son in the mountain village of Popodoopopop, and when he took over his father's boot shop, he cut his prices to one percent above cost while still maintaining superior quality. His actions led to the extinction of the slither eel, and ultimately the Great Monetary Collapse of 9315. Drek died mysteriously when a shoehorn "accidentally" became lodged in his throat during an annual bootmakers' convention. Drek's story was used to illustrate the 27th Rule of Acquisition, "There's nothing more dangerous than an honest businessman." (DS9 reference: Legends of the Ferengi)

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