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Drevlocet is neurotoxin that is deadly to Humans, but Bajorans, Klingons and Bajorans were unaffected by.

Sometime between 2370 and 2372, the Jem'Hadar used drevlocet against the Hjaraur colony resulting in the deaths of several hundred individuals. After the incident, drevlocet was outlawed in the Alpha Quadrant in several signed military conventions. In 2372, the Cardassians discovered they could source drevlocet from the geset on Cha'Xirrac. Gul Hidret was assigned to obtain the drevlocet and find a way to use it against Klingons, including by using the exiled members of the House of Gordek to gather it. Hidret was stopped by the crew of Deep Space 9 and Kor. (DS9 - Day of Honor novel: Armageddon Sky)

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