A suspected Cardassian war criminal arrives on the station, but the situation is not as it appears to be.


A Cardassian with a case of a disease called Kalla-Nohra arrives on the station. Because this disease could only be caught by being at the Gallitep labor camp on Bajor, Kira suspects that he is a war criminal. He first says that he is Marritza, a filing clerk at Gallitep. At first the evidence points in his favor, but after looking at a picture, the crew of Deep space Nine think he is Gul Dar'heel, the head of the labor camp. He said many lines as he talked with Kira that made her visibly upset. A notable line is "I ordered my men to kill Bajoran scum, but they came back feeling clean! Why was that? Because they were clean!". And, "What you call genocide, I call a days work.". But Odo, after talking with Gul Dukat, and having Doctor Bashir examine him, find out that he actually was Marritza, as he had claimed at first. Marritza, confesses this to Kira by saying, "You mistake me for that bug? That whimpering nothing? Oh you stupid Bajoran girl, don't you know who I am? I'm your nemesis. I'm your nightmare. I'm the Butcher of Gallitep! I am alive. I will always be alive! It's Marritza who's dead! Marritza, who was good for nothing but cowering under his bunk and weeping like a woman. Who every night covered his ears because he couldn't bear to hear the screaming... for mercy... of the Bajorans...". It turns out that he was trying to get executed, so Cardassia will start to feel guilt about the Bajoran Occupation. Kira replied to him saying "Enough good people have already died. I won't help kill another.". As Marritza was leaving the station while talking with Kira, a Bajoran stabbed him in the heart and killed Marritza. Kira asked "Why? He wasn't Dar'heel! Why?", the Bajoran replied, " He's a Cardassian! That's reason enough!", and Kira told him "No!... It's not.".



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235723632364coleibric hemorrhagecosmetic surgerydermal regeneratordermatiraelian plastiscinefuneralgenocidehemorrhageKalevian montarKalla-Nohra SyndromeMaraltian seev-aleMinister of StateOccupation of BajorPottrik SyndromeProficient Service MedallionrapeSem'hal stewwar crimeYamok sauce


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