Template:Characterbox-MiniDulath was a male Cardassian who was in charge of engineering aboard Terok Nor.

History Edit

In 2367, Dulath was the chief engineer of Terok Nor under Gul Skrain Dukat. He was reassigned when he tried to have the station shut down because of the fusion reactors' contamination. He then worked on studies about the effects of radiation on the station's population, which forced the station to shut down four of it's six reactors that were leaking sodium. He then became a member of a Cardassian scientific delegation.

In 2370, Benjamin Sisko invited Dulath to Deep Space 9, to assist Miles O'Brien in repairs to one of the reactors on the space station. Dulath and O'Brien initially clashed due to their different approaches to engineering, but developed a respect for each other during the repairs. Dulath also helped Kira Nerys' investigation into the diary of a Bajoran girl called Malor Ti. (DS9 comics: "Requiem", "Requiem II")

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